If you have any postcards you would like to sell please contact me. I am interested in purchasing pre-1939 real photographic British postcards, especially good street scenes of suburbs and villages, transport, social history, industry and better topographical postcards. If you are not sure what postcards you have please contact me anyway for a free valuation. Although I collect Manchester postcards I also buy and sell good topographical postcards of anywhere in the UK so please get in touch for a free quote.

If you are local to the North West of England I will gladly come and see the postcards in person. If you live further away then do not worry. Just let me know what postcards you have for sale and we can make arrangements from there. You could scan or take a photograph of the postcards and email it to me where I should be able to make a valuation. Some clients do post the complete albums or collections to me directly where I can view in detail. I always refund postage and return the album to you should you prefer to not accept my offer. I will always pay the very best price possible for quality postcards so you can rest assured you are getting a true valuation.

You can age postcards quite easily when they are postally used because the date year will be shown at the bottom of the franking cancellation. Failing that a half-penny green stamp would indicate a postage rate for postcard sent within the UK up to June 2nd 1918. After this date it changed to a red penny stamp. The postage was doubled to pay for the First World War debt. This price increase resulted in a sharp decline of postcard being sent.

I buy complete collections, albums or good singles and are always here to give advice on any postcards you are considering selling. Please contact me today should you have any old postcards for sale.


Mobile: 07530 242 311