Old Postcards, Images and Photographs of Ancoats and Miles Platting, Manchester. You can order scans of any of these images. You will find details at the top of the page or contact me.

Ancoats 1
J. Turner, Provision Dealer,
Curruthers Street, Ancoats

Ancoats 2
St Lukes Procession, Oldham Road,
Miles Platting

Ancoats 3
The Cabbage Market,
Oldham Rd, New Cross, Ancoats

Ancoats 4
F. Parker & Co
Ancoats, Manchester

Ancoats 5
Bus for Queens Park, Collyhurst, Manchester

Ancoats 6
Great Ancoats Street,

Ancoats 7
Lamb Lane, Miles Platting,

Ancoats 8
Prince of Wales, Collyhurst, St,

Ancoats 9
Oldham Road, Miles Platting,

Ancoats 10
Collyhurst Labour Supporters

Ancoats 11
William McLeod, Brunswick St,
Ancoats, Manchester

Ancoats 12
Collyhurst Road School,
Collyhurst, Manchester

Ancoats 13
Hulme Hall Lane,
Miles Platting,

Ancoats 14
St Lukes, Oldham Rd,
Miles Platting

Ancoats 15
Corpus Christi Basilica
Miles Platting

Ancoats 16
Express Building,
Great Ancoats St

Ancoats 17
The Grove Inn,
Every Street, Ancoats

Ancoats 19
George Henry Riley,
Clog Manufacturer, 
15 Butler Street, Ancoats

Ancoats 20
John Hill, Confectioner,
57 Mitchell Street,
Ancoats, Manchester